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The strategic plans we help our clients create get results.

>$500M received in  philanthropy

>1000+ schools transformed or started

>$1.6B raised in private investment capital

Education organizations that made huge pivots in their work


Why partner with us?

Deeper Process

Through a specially disciplined process, your team will be thinking in a deeper and more nuanced way, creating strategic plans and actions that others may miss.


This approach will be evident to funders and stakeholders, presenting your team as grounded yet ambitious, realistic but bold with world class execution. 

Facilitation for Strategic Planning

Facilitated by Experienced Practitioners

You'll collaborate with team members who possess extensive, direct experience in your role. They've launched numerous organizations, operated schools and successfully secured philanthropic funding or private investor capital for their own projects. Involving this wealth of expertise in crafting the strategic plan will showcase decades of experience that funders and stakeholders will readily recognize.

Facilitation for Strategic Planning

How to Work with Us

EDU Strategic Planning Services

Big Picture Learning

We customize our special process to suit your specific needs, offering full due diligence and stakeholder research, in-depth financial models, strategic plan document creation and assistance in preparing for meetings with funders and stakeholders.


If you're seeking a skilled facilitator for strategic planning sessions with your team and/or board of directors, we offer specially designed sessions. These sessions are crafted to enhance deep thinking, eliminate biases that cloud clear thinking and foster alignment among your team.


New Tech Network Executive Tour

Schedule a Zoom call with Ted Fujimoto to discuss your needs and determine if there is a fit.

Important: Our schedule is often booked up 6-9 months in advance. We recommend reaching out sooner rather than later. This allows us to block out time in our calendars if we decide to work together.

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