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ARIE Think Global PBL Academies

Project-Based Learning

Unlock the potential of every educator to teach students how to learn.

Thousands of educators all over the globe have been trained in project-based learning by Think Global PBL Academies. 


After 20+ years of impacting 21st-century education and influencing educators and leaders from all over the world, former founding principal of Manor New Technology High School, Steven Zipkes, along with his team, have expanded his school redesign vision of creativity, deeper learning practices and systemic change that transformed an idea into a Nationally Recognized 100% Project Based Learning STEM School into Think Global PBL Academies.


Our trainers, through our actual, relevant, 100% PBL classroom experience, share our deeper learning 21st-century design through interactive, authentic project development to provide you with the knowledge and materials to create a learning environment that rekindles your passion for teaching and your student’s interest in learning. 


Think Global PBL professional development

Think Global Professional Development and Coaching

Seamless Experience

We will provide the PBL training content you need to be a successful PBL educator that continues to improve year after year. With the scaffolding and refresher content provided, each educator we train can keep their PBL skills sharp and agile. You’ll be equipped with new material at trainings, regular PLCs and with aspects of our regular communications. Most everything you need to access can be found here.

Think Global PBL professional development

TGPBL Foundations 3-Day Training aims to advance the deeper project-based learning (PBL) design processes for educators who want to learn and transform their teaching pedagogy.  The training focuses on the framework and processes that enhance PBL project contexts and fidelity, deepening content scaffolding and assessments that improve integration of content and learning intentions with 21st-century skills. For Campus and District Administrators.

PBL Academy

 Think Global PBL Leadership training aims to advance the deeper project-based learning (PBL) design processes for Leaders who want to learn and transform their campus and district to PBL pedagogy.  The training focuses on the framework and processes that enhance PBL project contexts and fidelity, deepening content scaffolding and assessments that improve integration of content and learning intentions with 21st-century skills. During teacher work time, Leadership will participate in Adaptive Leadership taking what they are learning in Foundations and begin to design systems to support their teachers and schools in a PBL environment. 

Adaptive Leadership

Think Global PBL professional development

Steven Zipkes, Educational Practitioner, currently holds several positions as the Founder and President of Advanced Reasoning in Education: Think Global PBL Academies and Founding Principal of Cedars International Next Generation High School in Austin, Texas where he designed and opened his next 100% PBL, STEM school in 2016, and is notably the former Founding Principal of Manor New Technology High School. 

Steve’s design of a 100% Project Based Learning school that focuses on STEM integrated curriculum and 21st-century essential skills has been recognized globally, distinguishing his school design in many arenas.

One of Steve's greatest professional honors was a visit by The President of the United States, Barrack Obama, to Manor New Tech who highlighted the successful PBL STEM practices and the positive impact the school’s design had on student achievement.

Steve was invited to present at the Achievement Gap Initiative at Harvard University in response to his contribution and recognition for closing the Achievement Gap. In 2014, he was awarded the National STEM Visionary Award by the International Association for STEM Leaders. 

Featured at many STEM events including the US News and World Report’s STEM Solution Conference, Steve was also the opening Keynote Speaker at the 2018 International Lean In STEM Conference in Warsaw, Poland. He is a contributing author in both Design, Make, Play: Growing the Next Generation of STEM Innovators and Deeper Learning: Beyond 21st Century Skills. 

His schools have had numerous case studies conducted on his innovative PBL STEM approach including the OSPrI study, a research collaboration between George Washington University, George Mason University and SRI International, and the S3 STEM School Study out of The University of Chicago. 

Mr. Zipkes hails from The University of Texas at Austin and holds Mid-Management Principal and Superintendent Certifications, having served in both of those roles throughout his career.

Steven Zipkes - PBL Practice Leader

Steven Zipkes - Practice Leader - PBL
New Tech Network Classroom

After a Think Global PBL Academy, many participants and schools look for PBL coaching for continued support in their transformational PBL journey. Advanced Reasoning in Education is able to offer our Think Global PBL Preceptor Coaching. This immersive opportunity involves our expert PBL practitioners/trainers visiting campuses of teachers that have been through our 3-day Think Global PBL Academy.

PBL Preceptor Coaching

Seasoned PBL practitioners that are ready to lead transformation in their home districts are encouraged to apply for one of the limited spots in our Think Global PBL Coaching Residency​. This is a personalized opportunity to participate in an on-campus immersive experience, engaging in the inner-workings of a 100% PBL school from the inside​. For 5 full days, each internship participant will shadow under the apprenticeship of an on-site, Master PBL Instructional Coach

Coaching Internship Residency

New Tech Network Classroom
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